Starcraft: Celestial Irruption

Starcraft: Celestial Irruption 1.07

Starcraft: Celestial Irruption is a custom mode for Starcraft Broodwar
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Starcraft: Celestial Irruption is a custom mode for Starcraft Broodwar. It was made using the Starcraft Editor which comes with the original Starcraft. It has a very good story and although it does not bring new units to the game, it really impresses with its story and battle scenes.

The story is very immersive, being told from different perspectives and with a lot of well-designed characters. The missions are designed very well, too; you have all sorts of elements that add up to good gameplay. You have solo missions, where you control a small group of units which usually have a lot of abilities and it is important to really think about your next move. There are survival missions where you have to survive a certain amount of time against the forces that are relentless in attacking you. You have missions where there are allies by your side to assist you. And my favorite, instead of cinematics, you get a lot of very heavily scripted maps where you just sit there and watch as the action unfolds in front of you.

I really liked the fact that there is a lot of voice acting, I dare to say that there is more voice acting than in the original Starcraft. The quality of the voice acting is not that good, however it does add a sense of originality to it.

In order to play Starcraft: Celestial Irruption you have to download the maps individually, as well as the .exe file and put them in your starcraft folder. Once you've begun playing the first map you don't need to further load the other maps, the game will do it automatically.

Dennis Niels
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  • Very good story
  • A lot of scripted battle scenes


  • Not the best voice acting
  • No difficulty level
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